Healing after Loss & Anniversaries of loss

Author : Nina Pleshe

Today is the 2 year anniversary of our sweet angel baby’s due date. You can read about our loss here –

To honor today I want to focus on what has helped me heal through the heartbreak.

We have created a beautiful, loving memorial area for our sweet baby on the back of our piano. It keeps our baby a part of our life and memories. The two Willow Tree figurines were precious gifts that mean so much. The plaque was given by a sweet friend who donates them to the OB floor in honor of the precious baby they lost, Charlie. The luminary came from our nonprofit’s first annual memorial walk. The ultrasound picture was from when I heard baby’s sweet heart beating.

We created a memorial garden full of flowers that take turns blooming. It helps me so much to see them come to life in the spring. First our tulips & hyacinths, then our lilac bush, followed by hydrangeas. I care for it and we have a sweet little statue there for our angel. The kids also each picked out whatever piece they wanted for the garden – little puppy and bunny statues to protect. I love having a peaceful little area to remind the kids of our baby. We talk, they ask questions, and we never forget.

Especially during hard times, I wear this precious necklace from a sweet friend. It has a photo of our sweet baby’s ultrasound, so I can keep it right next to my heart.

We founded our Nonprofit, Light After Loss Mn, to get care packages in clinics and hospitals for parents experiencing pregnancy/infant loss. Our care package is a small candle to light in remembrance of your baby. Candles bring peace, warmth, and comfort. We have a support group and resources to help others get through loss. This board of women who bring so much heart to the mission mean the world. It has been everything to have something to pour into. While I know starting a nonprofit is unrealistic for most, pouring into others really helps. If there is an organization you can be involved in, or volunteer work you can do to help others it really can be healing.

I will always keep pictures of the time I had with my sweet baby. If you can print a picture, hold onto the pregnancy test, or create any little memorial items it is so helpful. It gets what is in our hearts, out in our real life.

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